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Contact us here if you wish to play cricket strictly within the spirit of the game either socially or competitively, in a pleasant village environment with like-minded individuals. We will do our best to make newcomers very welcome and this is what you have to look forward to . . . . 

We have never recruited formally but that does not mean that we do not welcome new players! The truth is that we are always looking for new members to enhance and augment our already formidable squad. But beware, Bures only admits the most accomplished athletes; witness Mr. Slow here in training and doubtless dreaming of the wrong 'un, that is the one which goes up but never comes down!

Ts & Cs

Candidates aspiring to be members of the Bures & District Cricket Club are asked to demonstrate

  • An ability to both breathe and cast a shadow in direct sunlight, preferably concurrently. This is taken to demonstrate a sign of life.

  • Immense wealth and an obsessive desire to share it.

  • A directorship or majority shareholding in a brewery, vineyard or distillery.

  • A proven record of cricketing success at a minimum of first-class level, preferably with overseas experience and in all formats of the game (limited overs, test and day/night).

  • An attractive and gregarious wife or girlfriend (or both) to provide prospective team mates with comfort and solace on an intimate and individual basis during difficult passages of play.

Those who are unable to meet any or all of these stipulations will be asked whether they wish to join the Club and upon receipt of the correct answer ("Yes"), will be admitted without further question, but a further examination of the candidate's credentials may be undertaken in the public bar of The Swan under the watchful eye of a refillable pint glass! The Club will waive the otherwise mandatory completion of the 42 page application form for those who who pass this individual test, provided the candidate is still standing.

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