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What makes us tick?

The club is unashamedly "village" in nature. It does not aspire to anything grander than playing cricket against other clubs of similar size, usually village clubs within a radius of some 20 miles of Bures. In common with many organisations of this type, the Club is run on a shoestring budget and relies heavily on the support of many local individuals and companies who contribute in either cash and/or kind.

The fair-play ethic is essential to all Bures cricketers.

The Games

Games are generally played on Saturday or Sunday afternoons in the spring, summer and early autumn months. The games are in non-league format and may be played either at home or away and on a time, or overs basis.

The games are social in nature but almost always competitively played. Some are VERY competitive! Many of these fixtures are played against other local village sides, some of whom have provided opposition every year for decades. The winning side gains nothing but satisfaction from the victory and the day usually ends with a glass or two of beer in one of the local pubs. In this convivial environment, animosities are forgotten and in-depth discussions and analyses of the afternoon's proceedings are undertaken.

League cricket is not currently played at Bures, however historically the club was a stand-alone member of the North Essex Cricket League for many years and until 2010, formed an alliance with local rival Earls Colne playing in Division 3 of this league under the title of Earls Colne & Bures CC. A link to the League web site is here.




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